Profile Picture

My profile picture is of me in my house, taking a selfie, and it was a while ago. There are many reasons why this is my profile picture, it was a nice picture, hair was on point, and I liked it. The reason it’s a nice picture is because I’m smiling sort of and I feel that others would like it to. My hair was nice and that’s a big part in my pictures, I try to make my hair look as great as possible before I post a picture of mine. If I like my photo then I’m going to for sure put it up for others to see. I think that my photo is nice because it shows that I try to look nice for whoever is viewing my Facebook or Twitter, or the people that I am currently already friends with.  My cover photo shows that I am a car enthusiast and my favorite car would have to be the Nissan GTR, the one I have up is a R35 model but I like all of them. It is my dream car which I hope of having some day. Image


Facebook Discussion Prep

– I think that the profile picture is a big part of your Facebook but other things like friends, background, how much you post, and what you like all add in. If a person likes your picture then there probably going to add you.

– My current profile picture says that I’m a happy person and that I try to look good for everyone that happens to come across my profile and everyone I’m already friends with.

– I think about what I post before i post it but its not like I stay up all night thinking of what to post. I just post it if I want.

– I would think they would probably think it looks nice.

– I think that they shouldn’t use another persons picture but if they want to put a funny picture up then go ahead. Just dont use a picture of another person.

– There can be a point to where we learn just a tad bit to much if the person is posting constantly about their self. If there just on there posting there problems, what their doing every second of the day, its just really annoying.

– You can get to know a more personal side of the person and you never know if the person is totally different from the picture. You get to know the person behind the keyboard, I mean you could probably get a good idea but you never know until you see them.  

Social Media Inventory

I have 512 friends on Facebook, and I like import tuners, funny pages, hip-hop pages, and gaming pages. On Twitter I have 40 followers and i follow my favorite artists and friends. I use these social medias everyday. I go on them to post what I think and to check out whats going on with everyone else. I think its really a good way to keep in touch and find out things that you may not of known. I am usually the audience, but sometimes i am the speaker. 

Generation Like

I think that companies are not using us because we enjoy and view what they put out and so we do whats normal and like and/or share the content. Then the content travels and others look at it and if they like it they like it and/or share it to. The companies that put out the content are for sure going to benefit from our liking and sharing of the content but we do that on our own. The companies are not forcing us to do anything, there just simply putting it out there.

Final Paper

                Do you believe everything you are told? Ever thought it just wasn’t right or didn’t add up, and then you started something called a conspiracy theory. This brings me to my topic which is conspiracy theories; I’m going to talk about why they happen, what starts them, and just a general understanding of them. I’ve explored three different countries in search of conspiracy theories all around the world. I explored Russia, Germany, and The U.S.

                When I started my topic I knew a couple of things already, that these theories get started by a simple thought of curiosity. They usually happen with big events, and mainly they revolve around or in the end come back to the government. I feel that people should be more aware about these things that are happening and being brought up. Now this might sound bad but I feel that you should not always believe the things your told right away, always go back to them and think.

                Throughout my research of these different theories in these countries I’ve learned that there are always two sides to every story. I also learned that you should always think more about these things not just stop on one theory. When doing this it helps to keep an open mind because it helps you take in information easier. Talk to people about what you have come up with and why you think what you think, maybe you will even convince them that what you’re saying makes sense. Now in Russia I learned that they had a meteor strike and cause massive damage and even injure about 1200 people. You may not think anything of it but what I learned is that people in Russia don’t think it was just a meteor they think it might have been some extra-terrestrial activity, a U.S. weapons test and some even say it was assign from god. This might sound crazy but if you keep an open mind and just look more into it like I did, you could maybe find some more information. I found out from an article from the mail online, that supposedly the meteor was hit by a UFO in midair, which caused it to explode in the atmosphere above the Ural Mountains. I also learned about a secret city in Germany called Bielefeld is believed to be a fake and home to some impossible sounding things. According to the DW a group of students they believe that Bielefeld doesn’t even exist, because they don’t know anybody from there and they don’t know anybody that visited there. Soon after casually voicing concerns an increase of people started claiming to have come from Bielefeld. Bielefeld started appearing in the local and national press almost every day; they even have a homepage now that shows it. They had a soccer team but that soccer team had disappeared and been forgotten, when they started having success in the top Germany league. According to those that have escaped Bielefeld are lucky, most people that find themselves just off of A2 motorway getting abducted and manipulated at a top secret ultramodern manipulation institution known as Bielefeld center. There other wild things supposedly happening in Bielefeld like dragons in underground cave systems being watched my ancient knight and being sedated by a mind altering substance, of course all these orders are coming from the extra-terrestrials. My last city is the U.S. we are home to many conspiracy theories but the moon landing in 1969, strike me the most interesting. According to CNN and scientific American, the moon landing was an all a big hoax, to try and beat the soviet to the moon. It was believed that whoever won the space race won the cold war. They give man inconsistency’s that show how the landing is being faked, like shadows, footprints, no blast craters, and pictures that look photo shopped. These discoveries made me think more about the events I looked up. I also started to question them after a while of thinking. They changed me, to where I am more aware of things happening around me and they make me want to know more.

                I value this topic because it’s important to take away new knowledge of things I researched and looked at, and then if you are asked and you want to share your knowledge, you can. For my real world application I interviewed my grandparents about the Apollo moon landing and asked them a series of questions about what they think. This changed me because I want to let more people know about what’s going on. People need to know the other side of the story and not just go off of what the government says. I hope that people just listen with an open mind and maybe think more about it.

I hope that people just listen to what I have to say and think about it. I’m worried that some people might take offense to it. We can all just think about it and don’t always believe what you’re told just because a higher power says so.

Did UFO ‘hit’ Russian meteorite?

This article talks about how the meteorite was hit by a UFO. This meteor exploded in the atmosphere on February 15th with a force as great as 30 Hiroshima nuclear bombs cause an incredible amount of damage in Chelyabinsk and injured around 1200 people, many from shattered glass. NASA estimated it to be 55ft wide and a weight of some 10000 tons; the meteor is thought to have exploded above Ural Mountains with a force equivalent to about 500kilotons. Nuclear installations in the Urals remained undamaged by the fallout. At first it looks like a regular meteorite but on at least three films of the meteor you can see and oblong shaped object that flies into it and the meteorite explodes and falls. From all the footage of the meteor, with all the different angles, leads them to believe that something has blown up the meteor. They claim that weeks before the meteorite there was a great amount of UFO sightings in the Urals, none since the incident.