Bielefeld’s Conspiracy

This article talks about the mysterious Bielefeld, which is a German city that appears on the map. The city has a Bundesliga soccer team and regional train services include it as a destination. It is home to 330,000 inhabitants and one of Germanys 20 major cities. According to a group of students in northern German city of Kiel, Bielefeld not only doesn’t exist but its creation and promotion is a disturbing conspiracy to hide a number of impossible secrets. They had never met anyone who had lived there, came from there or even visited the city in the Westphalia region in northwestern Germany. After casually voicing concerns, the students began to notice an increase in people claiming to have come from Bielefeld, to have wandered the streets of this mythic location and those who had friends and relatives living there. The students said the people who claimed to be from there had seemingly distant looks and vacant expressions of the people making the claims. Students noticed increasingly occasions where Bielefeld would be on local and national press. Then there was a Bielefeld homepage in the internet. They thought that those images on the website could have been taken from anywhere.


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