Bielefeld’s Conspiracy

This article talks about the mysterious Bielefeld, which is a German city that appears on the map. The city has a Bundesliga soccer team and regional train services include it as a destination. It is home to 330,000 inhabitants and one of Germanys 20 major cities. According to a group of students in northern German city of Kiel, Bielefeld not only doesn’t exist but its creation and promotion is a disturbing conspiracy to hide a number of impossible secrets. They had never met anyone who had lived there, came from there or even visited the city in the Westphalia region in northwestern Germany. After casually voicing concerns, the students began to notice an increase in people claiming to have come from Bielefeld, to have wandered the streets of this mythic location and those who had friends and relatives living there. The students said the people who claimed to be from there had seemingly distant looks and vacant expressions of the people making the claims. Students noticed increasingly occasions where Bielefeld would be on local and national press. Then there was a Bielefeld homepage in the internet. They thought that those images on the website could have been taken from anywhere.


The Apollo Moon Landing Hoax

This article talks about how the moon landing in 1969 was a hoax. It provides evidence lke inconsistences in photos and videos taken by the astronauts on the moon. It talks about how the images they took while on the moon are similar in a way but are said to be in different areas. There are signs that the photos are doctored and photo shopped. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), that was at that time circling the moon, was directed by operators at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory took pictures of the supposed moon landing sites. These pictures were the proof the public wanted that man had actually been on the moon. When these pictures were released they were blurred and very suspect. NASA then released more updated images from what they say were pictures taken from the (LRO) at a much lower orbit over the supposed landing sites. What we saw again were smudges, blurs, and very suspect images.


The Skull & Bones Society,8599,1881172,00.html

This article talks about Yale’s secret society Skull and bones. The skull and bones
is a powerful society with elite members. Legends has it that Prescott S. Bush
father of president George H.W. Bush and grandfather of George W. Bush dug up Geronimo’s
grave in 1918 with other bonesmen, as they are called. Stole his skull, two other
bones and some riding gear from Geronimo’s grave at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. They supposedly
then put Geronimo’s remains on display in the tomb. The tomb is the skull and
bones headquarters since 1832; it is an old crypt in New Haven, Connecticut.
This group has been blamed for many things, and it is made up of the world’s
most powerful people. The people in this group usually come across power,
wealth and honor. William Russell founded the group after spending a year in
Germany among members of some of the most mystical and elite clubs in the
world, including organizations that mimicked the Enlightenment-era Illuminati.

Russian Meteor Conspiracy

This article talks about how Russians were polled about the meteor hitting and many of them think it’s a U.S. weapons test, UFO, and even God. It talks about how all the respondents had a wide variety of theories surrounding the supposed meteor crashing in Chelyabinsk. Some think it could a UFO, or it could be an extra-terrestrial Trojan horse carrying a deadly space virus to wipe out the earth and all its citizens. Others think it was a U.S. weapons test by locals, and there’s even some that say it’s a message from god. These are all just crazy theories that people have and according to the Time of India” it’s safe to say that a majority of Russians think that it was a meteorite. Past surveys show that up to twenty five percent of Russians do believe in UFOs. A bunch of people just don’t want to accept the safe explanations they were taught to believe.

Could moon landings have been faked? Some still think so

This article talks about how people believe that the moon landing was a hoax. Twenty
five percent of respondents to a survey in the British magazine Engineering
& Technology said they do not believe humans landed on the moon. They talk
about a bunch of inconsistence’s such as no blast crater under lunar module,
shadows intersect instead of being parallel which insists that there were unnatural
lighting, the flags appears to be rippling when there’s no wind on the moon. Supposedly
they sent Apollo 11 astronauts into space and then up in a rocket until it was
out of sight, then transferred the lunar capsule and its three passengers to a
military cargo plane that dropped the capsule eight days later in the Pacific,
where it was recovered. In the meantime, he believed, NASA officials filmed the
“moon landing” at Area 51, the high-security military base in the
Nevada desert, and brainwashed the astronauts to ensure their cooperation.