Facebook Discussion Prep

– I think that the profile picture is a big part of your Facebook but other things like friends, background, how much you post, and what you like all add in. If a person likes your picture then there probably going to add you.

– My current profile picture says that I’m a happy person and that I try to look good for everyone that happens to come across my profile and everyone I’m already friends with.

– I think about what I post before i post it but its not like I stay up all night thinking of what to post. I just post it if I want.

– I would think they would probably think it looks nice.

– I think that they shouldn’t use another persons picture but if they want to put a funny picture up then go ahead. Just dont use a picture of another person.

– There can be a point to where we learn just a tad bit to much if the person is posting constantly about their self. If there just on there posting there problems, what their doing every second of the day, its just really annoying.

– You can get to know a more personal side of the person and you never know if the person is totally different from the picture. You get to know the person behind the keyboard, I mean you could probably get a good idea but you never know until you see them.  


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