Russian Meteor Conspiracy

This article talks about how Russians were polled about the meteor hitting and many of them think it’s a U.S. weapons test, UFO, and even God. It talks about how all the respondents had a wide variety of theories surrounding the supposed meteor crashing in Chelyabinsk. Some think it could a UFO, or it could be an extra-terrestrial Trojan horse carrying a deadly space virus to wipe out the earth and all its citizens. Others think it was a U.S. weapons test by locals, and there’s even some that say it’s a message from god. These are all just crazy theories that people have and according to the Time of India” it’s safe to say that a majority of Russians think that it was a meteorite. Past surveys show that up to twenty five percent of Russians do believe in UFOs. A bunch of people just don’t want to accept the safe explanations they were taught to believe.


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