Moon Landing Hoax – Conspiracy Theory

This video talks about a historical moment in history that some believe was faked, The moon landing. Some people have an idea that this moment was faked. People still think today that it is faked. They have evidence and statements that help this idea. The reason people believe its faked is because there is just to many inconsistences, and supposedly we wanted world domination and the first to the moon would win the cold war, that’s what the government thought. The U.S. wanted to get to the moon before the Soviet Union. They got off the ground a couple times but just could not get up, so why not get it over and fake it. It would cost less and be easy. There are astronauts that have a story to tell about the Apollo rocket trip to the moon. The flag, no lunar crater, no stars, these are just a couple of things that don’t add up. There are many more that are explained in the video.


One thought on “Moon Landing Hoax – Conspiracy Theory

  1. Keaton, I like how you took an American conspiracy and connected it to other parts of the world. Who are the people who think this is fake and see if you can dig deeper into why they want to believe it’s fake? I think there are under tones that could take you to the moral of all of this…to your “so what?” and this may be the lesson you leave with your presentation audience.

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